Air Conditioning Repair in Houston, TX 77001

“This is an outstanding company! They did an excellent job on major ductwork for me a couple of years ago, so I called them again when a different a/c unit in my house quit working. The unit is housed in a very small space above my guest bathroom shower. I was so impressed with how they went above and beyond to make it work. So that they wouldn’t have to cut the surrounding wood, they literally disassembled the faulty unit within the small space and took it out piece by piece; and then they disassembled the new unit and put it back in piece by piece. I feel like any other company would have said, “This is too hard–we’ll just cut through the wood to make this work and then you can have a carpenter come patch things up.” But they were willing to go the extra mile and make it work, even though it was a pretty tough job. They were also very professional and courteous and communicated well. I would definitely recommend Air -Ton to everyone!”

– Allison V.