Heat Pumps Articles

Why is My Heat Pump Turning On and Off Frequently?

January 15, 2024
Two Workers Join Residential Geothermal Heating/Cooling Pipe.

Homeowners generally favor heat pumps for their efficiency. However, a number of common issues can cause them to run very inefficiently.

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Important Heat Pump Maintenance Tips

November 16, 2023
Technician performing annual HVAC maintenance for homeowner, including their heat pump. Air-Ton Heating & AC blog image.

How often do you schedule a maintenance visit for the heat pump in your Houston, TX home? Taking proper care of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system is the best way to ensure it will function efficiently and reach its full service life potential.

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How to Transition Your Heat Pump for Winter

January 31, 2023
Cold family under blanket, worried about their heat pump being used for first time. Air-Ton Heating & Air Conditioning blog image.

It seems like every year now Texas homeowners are dealing with extreme cold weather conditions. A heat pump is a great way to keep you and your family comfortable when it happens.

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